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AI cost analysis to make you more profitable

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Through strategic analytics and actionable tasks, Starfish enables you to run a more profitable business by helping you understand and lower your operational costs.


Propel Your Business Forward

1. Connect Your Accounting, Simplify Your Life

With Starfish, integrating your existing accounting software is a breeze. API integrations with QuickBooks (Online + Desktop), Xero, Restaurant365, and others allow us to extract and compile your financial data accurately and securely.

2. Gain Perspective with Powerful Benchmarking

Starfish puts your business under the microscope and shows you how you measure up. Our comprehensive benchmarking tools use AI to provide a detailed view of your performance, enabling you to identify both your strengths and areas for improvement.

3. Actionable Tasks for Strategic Cost Reduction

Starfish doesn't just provide you with information, we give you the power to act on it. Our software delivers automatic, personalized suggestions based on your financials and benchmarks, providing you with concrete strategies to lower your costs and boost profitability.

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About Us

Why Focus on Costs?

Managing and lowering costs directly impacts your bottom line, enabling your business to become more profitable. It's not just about saving money, but optimizing resource allocation and improving operational efficiency to create a leaner, more sustainable business model.

Why Actionable Tasks?

Tasks break down complex finances into bite-sized pieces. Each task provides clear, actionable steps, helping you know exactly what to focus on to improve your business. Our tasks make it simple to implement changes that reduce costs and boost profitability.

Why Use Starfish?

Starfish can streamline and automate complex processes, offering valuable insights more efficiently than manual methods. By providing real-time data analysis and actionable suggestions, Starfish empowers businesses to make informed, strategic decisions that drive profitability and growth.


Josh, Operations Director

The tasks helped us decrease overtime costs by $10k within the first 30 days of using Starfish 

Female Baker

Cynthia, Owner

In the first week I cut out $534.64 in subscriptions that will no longer renew automatically

Paul, CEO

Has me wanting to call the accountant and say how is this possible?

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