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How to choose the right bookkeeper for your business

I am super excited about this blog post. Today we have an interview with Sheree Gibson who I have been lucky enough to work with for nearly 7 years. She is an EXPERT when it comes to running operations and finances for restaurants and small businesses. If you are looking for an incredible bookkeeper for your business I would highly recommend reaching out to Sheree. 

Before we dive into the interview a bit of background on Sheree:

Sheree Gibson is the Founder/Owner of G6 Retail Renovation. Sheree has been in retail operations for 22 years including executive roles for large companies throughout Washington State. Sheree started G6 Retail Renovation to help support small businesses in retail operations, including managing their budgets, books and lots more. G6 Retail Renovation consults with small businesses to manage all areas of operations from HR related processes, workflow processes for production, and build structures to ensure success for small business’ teams.

Hi Sheree! Super excited to chat today, my first question seems simple but we both know it is quite in depth. What does a bookkeeper do? Can you tell me a bit more about G6 and what you offer?

Small businesses need tools to be able to see their margins effectively to manage the business. G6 Retail Renovation builds out QuickBooks for new small businesses and manages bookkeeping to share financial information to manage the health of the business. This reporting supports building a proper strategy for their operations. G6 Retail Renovation uses QuickBooks to build high level strategies for effective management of the business month over month and year over year. QuickBooks doesn’t offer daily management as it collects financial data for us to see monthly expenses and manage money effectively on a quarterly basis. The biggest hurdle can often be not getting real time management of the money and budget alerts.

I have to say I see this all the time, people waiting months just to analyze out of date information. So how can a business solve this?

Small businesses benefit greatly from bookkeeping management. It’s the largest tool retail operations can use to see labor, expenses, and cost of goods to make pivotal decisions to support the health of the business. G6 Retail Renovation can support financial health and build successful systems for effective workflow to save costs and build profitability.

How can a business make sure they are choosing the right bookkeeper?

Businesses can partner with the right bookkeeper by ensuring they understand their business.  Bookkeepers should have experience with the businesses they partner with to ensure they allocate their resources appropriately and help them maintain profitability.  

Tell us a bit more about why you are using Starfish and how it is going so far

Partnering with Starfish has been instrumental in supporting the health of the small businesses G6 Retail Renovation supports. Starfish offers daily management of the business with tasks that can alert the Founders and G6 Retail Renovation of action items to review for effective management of the daily expenditures for cost benefits. Their daily tasks and budget building tools within the software support the management of correcting poor spending habits from expenses to labor to ideas revisiting the best practices for current operation successes.

As a small business owner, partnering with Starfish has extreme benefits for our retail operation consultant business, and has given our small business clients a structure we alone could not provide in real time as Starfish can.

Sheree, this has been amazing. Thanks so much for being a Starfish partner, client, and taking the time today. If people want to get in touch with you to learn more about G6 how can they do that?

They can reach us at to connect with us. We’re happy to hop on a call and explore partnership opportunities to support the health of your business.  

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