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Meet Suresh! Our CTO

There are a few options when you first start a company. Do it yourself, build a big team, find a partner.

When I first started Starfish I knew I wanted a partner. Building a startup is hard and having a partner makes it easier (not easy) and more fun. The first person I went to with the idea was Suresh. Why? We had worked together and I know he is smart, hard working, empathetic, and in my career had never experienced such fast pace development releases.

He got the idea for Starfish right away and we are lucky to have him as our CTO and Co-Founder! So who is Suresh? Here from him!


I believe in helping customers solve their problems and take business to the next level by delivering innovative products and technological solutions. I focus on driving operational efficiency and improved users experience. Additional expertise in area of Information Security, Risk Analysis, Privacy management and Mergers & Acquisitions. I have been lucky to be part of multiple successful exits by helping turn around the company through product improvement and close ties with executive teams.

I am so excited to join with Jordan building a new solution to help businsesses get insights into their financial data. It’s Starfish, like a real starfish which losses its limbs from stress, we help customers grow limb by limb by using our proprietary AI based solution.

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