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Starfish Company Values

As we embark on this journey together I think it is important to share our company values. These values are what drive us day in, day out to be the best company to work at, partner with, and rely on. These are our values as of November 2023 - and I highly expect these to evolve as the company evolves - but it is never too early to plant your flag in the ground for what you believe in.

Value 1 - Profit, Profit, Profit

Does this help increase profitability?

This is our #1 value for a reason - every decision we make at Starfish is driven with this question in mind. Our business is founded on the belief that small businesses lack the tools to understand their costs and increase their margins. Large companies have entire teams dedicated to this function, but small businesses have been left in the dark to date.

So how do we live this value? As we build the company we ask ourselves this question as we make every decision. We watch our costs, monitor what we are spending, and, believe it or not, we use Starfish to analyze our own P&L and benchmark against our competitors and peers.

Building a product roadmap is HARD. Lots of feature requests, limited resources, and different priorities from different clients. When we decide on what should get prioritized, this is the question we ask ourselves: which feature will have the largest impact on our customers profitability long term?

Value 2 - Have Fun

Does this spark joy?

Building a business is freaking tough! 70% of the time we love it. 30% of the time we ask ourselves why are we crazy enough to do this? Lots of people want to know the outcome but for us we are trying to enjoy the journey: having fun working together, interacting with clients, and building this company together. Ensuring we have fun each and every day helps make sure we are building the best company for our team and our clients.

Value 3 - Work Hard, Work Smart

Make an impact

We do not take our journey lightly. We know there is a legitimate problem and we know it's not an easy one to solve. We are going to continue to work tirelessly at giving small businesses the tools to increase their profit and make more actual $$. This will require long hours - nights, weekends - and lots of sacrifices - but we believe that what we are building actually matters. We commit to being here for our clients and partners every single day to help them in every way we can.

Value 4 - Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy

This is a startup - mistakes will happen, bugs will occur, crashes are inevitable. Our responsibility internally is to speak our minds, settle disagreements, and create the best product for our clients. Externally, we strive to always be honest with you on how things are going and where things stand.

So this is a long winded way of saying we are here for you and we care. If you are already a partner or client of ours, THANK YOU. We appreciate it and would not be here if it was not for your early support.

If you are not already, come join us. It is never too late to start lowering your costs and making more money!

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