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Profit vs Revenue: Why Profit Matters More Than You Think

Many small businesses often focus on revenue, but understanding and managing profit can make all the difference. Let's break down the key differences and why profit should take center stage.


  • Definition: The total money earned before expenses.

  • Importance: Indicates the business's gross income.

  • Limitation: Doesn't account for costs; more revenue doesn't always mean more money in your pocket.


  • Definition: The money left after all expenses are deducted from revenue.

  • Importance: Reflects the actual money your business makes.

  • Benefits:

    • Guides Decisions: Helps in deciding where to cut costs and where to invest.

    • Sustains Growth: Fuels your ability to expand and take on new opportunities.

    • Builds Stability: Ensures you can weather financial ups and downs.

Why Profit Matters More

  1. Long-term Survival: Profit ensures your business can cover operating costs, invest in growth, and remain stable during economic downturns.

  2. Realistic Picture: Provides a clearer view of your business's health, unlike revenue, which can be misleading.

  3. Aligns with Goals: Helps you stay focused on efficient operations and cost-effective strategies.

Tips for Small Businesses to Increase Profit

  • Understand Your Costs: Analyze where money is being spent.

  • Benchmark Costs: Compare with industry standards to find areas for improvement.

  • Invest in Value: Spend on areas that will return value and cut unnecessary expenses.


While revenue is an essential business metric, profit tells a more complete and useful story.

By focusing on profit, small businesses can create a stable foundation, invest in growth, and make more informed decisions.

For tools to understand, benchmark, and lower your costs, visit Starfish, and take control of your profit today!

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