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What are we thankful for at Starfish?

My wife and I have a constant conversation. She wants to know how things end - I love the journey. I try to remind her that the journey is 90% of the fun. When I reflect back at my time at MarketMan the acquisition we had was amazing (the ending), but the journey was 10x better.

I want to take a moment to reflect on what I am thankful for this year as we begin our Starfish journey. I hope this post becomes an annual tradition and as our team grows we have lots of people contribute to this.

1. My Family

You know what is a lot easier and less stressful than starting a company? A paycheck that comes every two weeks. I cannot thank my wife and daughter enough for taking this crazy ride with me. It is stressful for sure, but I have truly had more fun in the last few months and been more fulfilled than the previous few years combined. So Alex and Mollie - THANK YOU. To the rest of my family it goes without saying how appreciative I am for the constant pushing and advice. B - could not do it without you!

2. My Co-Founder

We have talked a lot here about how hard starting a software business is. I was a bit intimidated in starting Starfish as a non-technical CEO. But I hit the jackpot with my co-founder. The fact that we previously worked together and know each other is amazingly lucky. We both share the same vision and work ethic which is part of why I know Starfish will be so succcessful. The two of us both said no to full time jobs to do this and we are all in on our mission to help small businesses make more profit.

3. Our Team

To our exceptional team at Starfish – your dedication, creativity, and hard work are the engines driving our success. From late-night sessions to weekends I am deeply grateful for each one of you. We are small but we are mighty!

4. Health and Wellness

The past year has taught us the invaluable lesson that health is indeed our greatest wealth. We are thankful for the good health that allows us to pursue our passions. In a world where it's easy to overlook self-care, we cherish our health as the foundation of our productivity and happiness.

5. Our Clients

Our clients are the heartbeat of Starfish. Your trust and belief in us drives us to be amazing every day. It is not easy to pay for a tool with lots of bugs and missing features. We would not be here without you and we are committed to building the best product that exists.

As we look ahead, we carry with us the gratitude for all these elements that make Starfish more than just a business. We move forward with the promise to uphold these values and to continually strive for excellence in everything we do.

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